Add new Personal Discount automation

First, add a new Personal Discount automation. Navigate to your Shopify admin panelAppsPersonal Discount. Click Add automation. Select Shopify Email marketing automations as your Email Service Provider. Then, pick the campaign type that you want to enhance with unique discount codes:
  • Welcome new subscribers
  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Thank first-time customers
  • Follow up on purchases
  • Customer winback
  • Other
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In the next step, you can set up details of your automation such as a discount value, usage limit, or expiration date. Learn more from the article on how to configure your discount.

Save the automation when you finish and copy the code snippet to the clipboard.

Copy the code snippet from Personal Discount annotated

Create new Shopify Email automation

Switch over to the Marketing section in your Shopify dashboard Automations. Hit Create automation button. Then select the desired automation type. The automation preview will be displayed. Click Use workflow to continue. Now you can edit the automation workflow according to your needs. There is also an option to build your automation from scratch. Once you have completed this stage, let's Edit email content.

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Include a discount code in the email template

Now design your amazing email template and insert a code snippet responsible for displaying a discount code. Hit Add section button or the plus icon. Pick the {/} Custom Liquid element. In the Custom Liquid area in the right-hand sidebar paste the code snippet from Personal Discount. You don't have to save changes to this element, just click somewhere on the background of the message. From now in your template will be displayed a preview of an example discount code.

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Activate your automation

When all the elements of your automation are ready, you can turn it on. Save your email template and click Turn on workflow and again Turn on to confirm.

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Congratulations! From now on your customers can receive messages with unique discount codes according to your automation settings. A discount code is displayed as an image that, when clicked on, redirects the customer to your shop with the discount applied.

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