App Settings

You can configure Personal Discount to create unique discount codes for customers who abandoned their carts.

The set up comes down to selecting the Abandoned Cart trigger and specifying a time period after which a cart should be considered as abandoned.

Abandoned cart trigger Mailchimp and Shopify

Personal Discount adds a customer who abandoned a cart to the selected list in MailChimp. The app also creates a unique discount code and assigns it to the member's profile as a merge tag DSCNT_CODE. 


Mailchimp automation

In order to set up an automated cart recovery email you'll need an app that will synchronize the abandoned carts from your store to Mailchimp, for example ShopSync.

When configuring ShopSync you will need to choose the same list as you selected in Personal Discount. In my case the list is named Cart Recovery.

Select list for your Mailchimp abandoned cart trigger

Next move is to open the automation wizard in Mailchimp:

Mailchimp automation wizard

You will be redirected to a modal where you can select if you want to create a single email or an email series:

Select single email or email series Mailchimp

Next step you need to synchronize the time period after which Mailchimp will send the abandoned cart email. Make sure it's the same as you specified in Personal Discount settings. In this example I've selected 1 hour.

Mailchimp abandoned cart notification settings

Last step is to design the email template. The key thing will be to add include the Discount Code merge tag.

Add the discount code to your Mailchimp email template

Once your email template is ready you can activate the automation by clicking on Start Sending.

Start your Mailchimp email automation