Personal Discount creates unique coupon codes for your email subscribers. However, to send out the discount codes you'll need to set up an automated welcome email in Mailchimp. 

Create an automated welcome email

If you have already running welcome email automation and want to enhance it with a unique discount code then start with editing an existing welcome email automation.

Log in to your Mailchimp account and navigate to Automations and select Customer Journey. Then click on Check out Classic Automations. From Featured automated e-mails select Welcome new subscriber. Next, give your campaign a name and select an audience. Make sure it's the same audience as the one selected in Personal Discount settings. Click on Begin.

Create a classic Mailchimp automation animated

Click on Edit Design to edit the email template.

Edit an existing welcome email automation

If you've been creating the welcome email from scratch then move to the next section. Otherwise, if you already have a running welcome email, navigate to Campaigns, and from View by Type select Automations. Locate the automated welcome email, show the drop down menu next to View Report and click on Edit.


Click on Pause & Edit and then Edit Email

Include discount code merge tag

The key step to include a discount code in the welcome email is to insert the merge tag that holds the discount code. By default the merge tag is  *|DSCNT_CODE|* , unless you have changed it in Personal Discount settings. You can copy and paste the merge tag directly or select it from the list.

In an actual email, the merge tag will be replaced with a unique discount code. Save & close text element editing.

When your email template is ready click on Save and Continue.


Ensure discount code is not blank

At this point, you could start the automation and it would work most of the times. However, it may sometimes happen that Mailchimp is faster with sending the welcome email than Personal Discount with creating the discount code and pushing it to Mailchimp. In such a case, the email would go out without a discount code. To prevent such a situation you need to add a filter condition Shopify Discount Code is not blank to the automated welcome email. To add the filter:

1. Click on Try our Customer Journey builder.

2. Click on Filters at the starting point.

3. Check Contacts from a custom segment, then Contacts match the following conditions. Select Shopify Discount Code and is not blank.

Note that a common mistake is to select the is condition and enter not blank as the value. 

This way Mailchimp will wait until Personal Discount creates the code and assigns it to the subscriber profile.

If you have more than one condition then make sure that all of them match.

Click on Save, then Next, and you can finally Start/ Resume Sending.